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About Hopewell

Hopewell is an honest insurance agency in the protection racket. When hard-working people feel swindled and frustrated, Hopewell provides guidance and offers secure insurance solutions to protect you or your organization’s future.

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The Hopewell Difference

We founded Hopewell Risk Advisors back in 2021 to be your ideal insurance agency. Our goal is to be a partner to you and your organization, offering independent coverage solutions to save you time and money. 

With Hopewell at your side, you can stop beating your head against the wall and finally feel secure, knowledgeable, and confident in your insurance decisions. 

Our dedicated team rises above the rest by treating clients like friends and family. Emphasizing honesty, transparency, and open communication, Hopewell makes insurance advice approachable and helpful. 

Your customer satisfaction is important to us not because of quotas, numbers, or the bottom line — but because we like to see businesses and people thrive with our help. When our friends and family are happy, so are we. 

Our Values

We’re straight shooters at Hopewell. We consider the most important part of a relationship with you to be trust. Sure, we may be the experts at bundling commercial and personal lines, but that expertise only goes so far without your faith in us. 

With your trust, we use our insurance know-how to prepare for the worst, so you can plan your future without all the worry (well, of the insurance variety, anyway). 

Hopewell is in the insurance business to build and strengthen interpersonal relationships. Whether with our carriers or our clients, we know the key to success is through our core values. With these, we can say with confidence our insurance agents have your best interests in mind.










Social Justice


Our History

When immigrants like Forrest’s great-great-grandfather sailed the Atlantic, they came on ships that made the same journeys back and forth across the ocean. These ships were steadfast, secure and reliable in carrying these people to a more hopeful future. 

One of those ships was the Hopewell. 

Forrest's family, like many Irish families in the mid-1800s, came to America in the midst of a famine that cost countless Irish farmers their livelihoods. They took a chance to start over in a new place because it was better than staying put. 

Forrest is a product of the brave immigrants who took a risk to better their lot in life. They were able to make it to America because a steadfast ship like the Hopewell provided protection along the way. Without that safe passage, they wouldn’t have been able to forge new lives and chase their dreams. 

At Hopewell, we believe in our clients, and we want you to take the risks that can lead to a better life, personally and professionally — and want to make sure you're covered while you take your own leap of faith.

"For years, I've been interested in saving money on my business insurance. Forrest showed me how to pay more attention to my coverage, because cheap doesn't always mean good. He still got me a great deal, and I now I feel confident that my insurance actually covers what I need it to cover."


A Note from Our Founder

My name is Forrest Bennett, and I want to take a moment to thank you for looking into what Hopewell offers. I founded Hopewell after several years of working in the industry, plus all the years I spent being a frustrated consumer of it.   

We all need insurance, whether it's coverage for our families and the places we call home or protecting the businesses we build. Having said that, let's be honest: shopping for insurance is equal parts mind-numbing and confusing. 

Many consumers carry insurance and never need it. When you're paying a monthly premium simply because you know you have to, whether it's auto and home or liability insurance for your business, it can feel like you're getting fleeced. That’s why when people ask me what I do, I say, "I work in the protection racket." 

But buying insurance doesn't have to feel like you're dealing with the mob; you just need to work with agents who are invested in helping you, not invested in beefing up an insurance carrier’s bottom line.

Hopewell is an independent agency, which means we have access to numerous carriers, but we work for YOU. We're not here to fluff up your policy to make our commissions better or sell you policies you don't need. You deserve options. The industry should compete for YOUR business, not the other way around. 

When you turn the insurance game on its head, it can work for you instead of making you work for it — and that's precisely what Hopewell does.

We're Hopewell: honest brokers in the protection racket. Partner with us, and together we'll make the painful process of buying insurance as pleasant as possible.


Trust Hopewell, We’re Here For You

Whether personal or commercial insurance, we help you deal with the frustration and confusion of the insurance industry. Quick quotes, open communication, and a trustworthy insurance partner are just a click away.