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Cannabis Insurance in Oklahoma and Nationwide

Oklahoma dispensaries and grows are popping up like weeds. The cannabis business is a budding industry with the need for specialized insurance. That’s why insurance with Hopewell is a joint effort.

Why insurance with Hopewell?

Getting Your Cannabis-Related Business Insured

In the past five years, the legal cannabis and hemp industry has exploded.  With 37 states across the United States with some kind of legal cannabis or marijuana program, state and federal regulators are taking a fresh look at legal canna-businesses. That means the time has come for cannabis-related businesses (CRBs) to mature along with increased regulatory oversight. 

We also know the cannabis industry risks. From protecting mostly cash-only businesses like retail marijuana dispensaries or operations from growing, testing, and distribution, we know the cannabis insurance products that will protect your investment.


Who We Serve

If you own a hemp or cannabis business, you know that each part of the cannabis supply chain can have unique struggles. Luckily, we know how to address those and provide you the coverage you need at an affordable price. 

We underwrite marijuana business insurance for CRBs such as

Growers and Grow Operations

We can protect the foundation of your operation through property insurance, general liability, and workers’ compensation.

Processors and Manufacturers

Your processing facility has unique risk management needs. We have the insurance carriers that can write the perfect cannabis business insurance for you.


Having commercial auto insurance is the perfect way to protect your workers, your vehicles, and those they experience on the road.


Testing samples of cannabis products can mean warehousing samples and expensive equipment. Cannabis insurance helps cover that risk.

Dispensaries and Other Retail

Not only should dispensaries have significant investments in liability coverage, but cannabis workers’ compensation as well.

Insurance Products for Cannabis Related Businesses

To be blunt, cannabis insurance information available on the internet is very disjointed. How much coverage do you need? Will a dab take care of it or do you need to load your bowl with more coverages?

Cannabis business insurance is not required in order to operate here in Oklahoma. However, keep in mind the investment you put into starting your cannabis business. If you suffer some sort of loss and you’re not insured, how will you recover from it? Cannabis industry risks exist. Insurance specifically for those risks help protect your long-term business investment. Many insurance companies will not cover marijuana dispensaries and other cannabis businesses. Hopewell, however, is proud to offer insurance to the Oklahoma cannabis industry. 

General liability is not required in Oklahoma for businesses in the cannabis industry, but it is important coverage. General liability provides coverage that can protect your business from unexpected costs that arise from lawsuits. General liability is often required by landlords when you’re looking to lease commercial space. This type of policy generally covers injuries to the visitors or customers, their bodily injuries, property damage they may cause, and advertising injuries. 

Product liability insurance can protect you in the event of injuries or illnesses caused by your products. And, yes, it can happen no matter how much testing your products undergo. Manufactured products like edibles, wax, tinctures, shatter, pre-rolled joints, vapes, vape carts, accessories, and even natural products like flower can cause accidental illnesses or reactions in your clients. Defective products happen, and you can be held responsible. Product liability insurance can help protect you and your assets, ensuring you don’t get rolled too tight financially and you can remain in business. This is one of those cannabis industry risks we mentioned earlier that you should consider even though cannabis insurance isn’t required in Oklahoma. 

Everyone jokes about grows going up in flames, but what about when it actually happens and it’s your grow? Unfortunately, property insurance doesn’t include marijuana plants but can include grow equipment that’s bolted to the floor. What do you do if your ventilation system goes down? Or your lighting system or UV malfunctions? As a marijuana grower, if your property and grow equipment are damaged, it can derail your entire process and threaten your business, costing you your entire crop, and, ultimately, more money. Having the proper amount of property insurance from the right cannabis insurance carrier can help you mitigate this risk.


Workers’ Compensation

Someone is hurt at work every seven seconds. This is why the requirement to carry workers’ compensation insurance makes sense. 

It protects marijuana businesses from serious lawsuits and liabilities by covering: 

  • Medical costs incurred due to injury in your dispensary or grow
  • Medical costs if your employee falls ill by working in your marijuana business
  • Rehabilitation and retraining costs for employees if they are unable to return to the job they held prior to the claim. 
  • Fees that will be incurred if the employee files a lawsuit against you
  • It also pays for an employee who is hired to cover during the time that your injured or sick employee is off the job.

Unpaid interns or volunteers are not included in most workers’ compensation policies. They are not covered.

Commercial Auto Insurance for CRBs

Commercial auto insurance for marijuana and dispensary owners is similar to personal auto insurance. It protects you while you are driving on commercial business and your commercial vehicle. 

With the goal being protecting your business from loss, this special liability insurance coverage depends on your needs since it covers you, your employees, or commercial vehicles. It includes 

  • Third-party bodily injury
  • Third-party property damage
  • Uninsured or underinsured drivers who are at fault for the accident
  • Damage to an employee vehicle regardless of whether it is owned, rented, or hired
  • The medical care expenses for you, your employees, and any passengers in the vehicle if they experienced an accident
  • Theft and damage to covered vehicles
"Navigating insurance, especially after moving to a new state, can be a real hassle. Forrest is easy to work with and makes the process quick and painless!


Work From Home Coverage

Covering You, No Matter Where You Work

When working in the cannabis industry, you may not realize the amount of work you do from home as well. If you do any work from home, (bookkeeping, planning for dispensary layouts, or marketing), considering additional coverages would be a good idea. 

If you have a loss related to your business in your home, your homeowner's or renter's insurance policy may not cover it, leaving you in the weeds. Having marijuana business insurance can help ensure you are covered. 

When you have a cannabis business, the system can seem rigged. Insurance for cannabis businesses in Oklahoma can help level the playing field!

Contact Hopewell if you do any work from home related to your cannabis business. Let’s chat about whether adding coverage endorsements is the right move for you.

Why Hopewell?

Meeting Your High Expectations with Forrest

Not to get in the weeds, but as someone who knows the regulatory landscape facing cannabis-related businesses in Oklahoma, I’m the guy to call for help. I chose to get into the cannabis insurance business because I saw the impact of good cannabis insurance companies on this high-risk industry. 

Check out my Frequently Asked Questions if you have a burning question regarding cannabis insurance in Oklahoma. Or drop me a line on my contact page — I’m always ready to hear from you.

Cannabis Business Insurance doesn’t have to be hard

With the cannabis industry booming in Oklahoma, finding a cannabis insurance broker to help marijuana growers, marijuana dispensaries, and all other cannabis businesses protect their interests can be a struggle. Many insurance carriers may not help you, but Hopewell has your insurance needs covered, and all for an affordable price.

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